Outtakes Bespoke create intelligent, engaging and innovative bespoke training and corporate film.

We know that film, with its immediacy and realism, is one of the best ways to deliver training messages. Always innovative, we’ve spent years using film to enhance the learning experience.
We’ve also translated the skills gained from making high quality training films into the production of some remarkable corporate and promotional films.
We are a safe pair of hands for any kind of bespoke filmmaking and offer a complete service – from idea to delivery – at a much lower cost than you might imagine.
We've translated the skills we've learned from years of making high quality training films into the more recent production of outstanding corporate films.

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What We Do

Outtakes has been making popular, effective training films for more than a decade. We now specialise in bespoke corporate and training films of an extremely high quality at a lower price than you would imagine. Our clients include: Bank of England, De La Rue, Tubelines (London Underground), Cardinus, John Lewis, Charity Bank, McCormick, AkzoNobel, Uk Power Networks, University of Bath and e.on.


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